Co-creating evidence-based business roadmaps and policy solutions for enhancing coastal-rural collaboration and synergies

Get Involved

Active engagement with stakeholders is critical to ensure that the innovative tools, approaches and policy recommendations that are developed reflect the views of those directly concerned with improving the coastal-rural synergy to foster rural and coastal development while preserving the environment.


There will be many opportunities to get involved in COASTAL, including

  • Participating in national workshops
  • Taking part in the Multi Actor Labs
  • Sign up for the COASTAL newsletter
  • Registering to the COASTAL Knowledge Exchange Platform (available from May 2019 onwards)

More information on the ways of opportunities to get involved in COASTAL will be added as the project progresses.


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Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO) Environmental Modelling Unit (RMA)
Scientific Project Coordination Dr. Jean-Luc de Kok
General Project Coordination Dr. Bastiaan Notebaert