Co-creating evidence-based business roadmaps and policy solutions for enhancing coastal-rural collaboration and synergies

Scientific Advisory Board

The purpose of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is to allow the channelling of ideas to services responding to the general public´s interest, provide feedback on the project design and progress, and ensure resources are allocated appropriately.

The SAB should also enable the channelling of deliverables and milestones to durable services responding to the general interests of the intended target groups and appropriate allocation of the available resources to the creation and maintenance of these services. The required expertise in the Advisory Board is based on the concept of COASTAL and the adopted multi-actor approach. It will consist of a ‘triplehelix’ representation of the coastal and rural businesses, administrations, and research institutes.

In a later phase of the project the tasks of the SAB will also include:

  • assisting to ensure the link between the corresponding stakeholders and the COASTAL project deliverables and results (supporting dissemination);
  • advise on the business analysis, identification of business opportunities and barriers for the COASTAL enabling methodology and services;
  • advise on dissemination activities/material of project results, aimed at relevant stakeholders, incl. policy makers and other EU projects;
  • supporting the dissemination of results and impacts of COASTAL to the stakeholder groups they represent and/or are linked to.