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COASTAL Project Newsletter / Edition 1 / April 2019

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Journal Articles

Terreaux J.P, J.M. Lescot, 2019, Economic instruments to combat eutrophication : a survey, in P.T. Chandrasekaran Ed., Water and Sustainability, IntechOpen, 95-112

Terreaux J.P., M Tidball, 2019, Can nonlinear water pricing help to mitigate drought effects in temperate countries ?, in G. Ondrasek ed., Drought (aridity), IntechOpen, 15 p

G. Vigouroux, G. Destouni, A. Jönsson, V. Cvetkovic, 2019, A scalable dynamic characterisation approach for water quality management in semi-enclosed seas and archipelagos, Marine Pollution Bulletin 139, 311–327

Y. Chen, G. Vigouroux, A. Bring, V. Cvetkovic, G. Destouni, 2019, Dominant Hydro-Climatic Drivers of Water Temperature, Salinity, and Flow Variability for the Large-Scale System of the Baltic CoastalWetlands

Y. Chen, V. Cvetkovic, G. Destouni, 2019, Scenarios of Nutrient-Related Solute Loading and Transport Fate from Different Land Catchments and Coasts into the Baltic Sea

Policy briefings

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