Co-creating evidence-based business roadmaps and policy solutions for enhancing coastal-rural collaboration and synergies

Updates on MAL4 (Charente River Basin)

Over the past few months, the MAL4 team has worked to develop dynamic models as part of the Land Sea system and to collect the supporting data, using different sources of information and previous work in the area.

Our work centred on land-sea interdependencies and competition for water and space, dealing with environmental pressures from economic activities - mainly agriculture and population increase - on the quality and quantity of water resources, and pressure on protected areas and wetlands. We developed specific models for issues relating to water resources, agriculture, shellfish farming, ports, and infrastructure as part of the overall model.

We conducted interviews with key stakeholders from the agricultural, shellfish farming and ports sectors, focusing on the development of business roadmaps and policy solutions for sustainable development, based on rural-coastal collaboration and land-sea synergies to prepare the new workshop. Solutions were identified to achieve the objectives set out in the common vision of a desirable future, which emerged from the previous workshops: a harmonious and diversified territory that allows the continuation and development of major economic activities, agriculture and shellfish farming while preserving water resources. The structure and first results of SD models will be presented and discussed in our second multi-actor workshop, which will take place by video conference (due to Covid-19) at the end of January.

This feedback will be taken into account for further developments. Stakeholders from coastal and rural background will also share and discuss their views on transition pathways and business solutions, keeping in mind the common goal of enhancing synergies and promoting sustainable development of their territory.

Author: Françoise Vernier (INRAE)