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COASTAL will be present at the Aquaculture Europe 21 conference in Madeira, Portugal.


October is going to be an exciting month as the COASTAL project will be present at the Aquaculture Europe 21 conference, which will take place in Madeira, Portugal.

It's no secret that Europe is facing major challenges stemming from global enviornmental and socio-economic threats. Climate change, pollution, or migration are just some of these challenges that we need to take into consideration when we discuss the future of Europe. 

The good news? We can face these isses with Innovative policies concerning environmental protection, sustainable use of resources, marine and coastal planning, and technological developments. 

Aquaculture Europe 2021 will focus on the crucial role of aquaculture and the available opportunities for development and investment from the beautiful island of Madeira. 

The AE2021 parallel session will cover the full scope of European aquaculture and will consist of submitted oral and ePoster presentations. At the same time, the conference will feature an international trade exhibition, industry forum, student sessions and activities, satellite workshops and updates on EU research. 

The event is organised by the European Aquaculture Society. 

For more information about the speakers and the schedule, make sure to check their website here.