Co-creating evidence-based business roadmaps and policy solutions for enhancing coastal-rural collaboration and synergies

Deliverable D12 Model Scope and Feedback Structure

Deliverable D12 Model Scope and Feedback Structure is submitted to the EC.

Prepared by VITO (Belgium) with contributions from the partners VITO (BE), HCMR (GR), SU (SE), IRSTEA (FR), INCDM(RO), ICEADR (RO), CSIC (ES) this deliverable from WP4 provides an overview of the problem scope and feedback mechanisms in the context of land-sea interaction for the six case studies (multi-actor labs).

The responsibility for developing, validating and applying System Dynamics (SD) models for land-sea interactions lies with Work package 4 (Systems Modelling). These models will be used to formulate and support strategic business and policy analyses aimed at improving coastal-rural synergies. The objective is to provide tools and demonstration examples for the Multi-Actor Labs (MALs).

The interaction of reinforcing and balancing feedback structures with non-linear and delayed system responses results in complex dynamics with the possibility of counterintuitive responses to business and policy decisions. Holistic combination of systems-theoretical principles, scientific knowledge, and the experience and insights of business and governance representatives, referred to as ‘local knowledge’ will help identify the important system transitions, compare business and policy decisions, and evaluate the social-environmental resilience of the system. The outcomes can be used to formulate innovative, evidence-based management strategies for improving coastal and rural development.

D12 will be made public and available in the Resources section upon approval from the European Commission.

The Figure was created in VenSim-PLE.