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SINTEF consults merging stakeholder mindmaps in MAL5

June 11th-14th  2019, the SINTEF team colleagues (Sepideh Jafarzadeh, Andreas Misund and Magnus Myhre) went to Romania to collaborate with the Romanian partners in the development of Causal Look Diagrams (CLDs) based on the mindmaps created together with stakeholders in Romania in 2018.

The result will later on be used for modelling purposes and showing (and reviewing together with) the stakeholders in the MALs, later on in the project.

Legislation was discussed a whole lot during these days of meetings, and how corruption is affecting the industry in the country in general. It was also quite a lot of talk concerning pollution and the Danube delta.

The team leaders finished with simplifying all of the six maps on the first day, and used the second day and the little time we had on the third day before leaving to merge the maps together. 

Author and meeting photos: Magnus Myhre, SINTEF