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INCDM disseminates COASTAL at 27th Symposium ‘Deltas and Wetlands’

The Coastal flyers were distributed by Dr. Mariana Golumbeanu at the 27th Symposium ‘Deltas and Wetlands’ 05 - 09 June 2019, Tulcea, Romania, which brought together over 170 participants from Romania and 16 countries, researchers, academics, representatives of authorities, NGOs and SMEs. 

Thus, the Symposium creates the possibility to identify and discuss the most recent achievements of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve and other wetlands, as well as the scientific aspects related to the implementation of the European Environmental Directives at national level as well as those related to the cross-border and interregional cooperation.
The topics were focused on: Biodiversity and nature conservation, Environmental factors, Ecological restoration and Antrophic Impact, Natural Resources and Socio-Economic Aspects, Geographical Information System and Application System Modeling.

Author and photo: Dr. Mariana Golumbeanu