Co-creating evidence-based business roadmaps and policy solutions for enhancing coastal-rural collaboration and synergies

First round of Multi-Actor Lab (MAL) workshop in the cross-scale Norrsröm/Baltic Sea case (MAL3)

Date: 2 September 2019

Location: Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm University (SU) as the lead partner for MAL3 organized the first round of MAL workshops where the land- and sea-based sectors discussed and further analyzed the simplified-unified mind map and its implications for land-coast-sea interactions, opportunities, and barriers towards sustainable development in MAL3.

The first part of the workshop was focused on presenting the results of mind mapping exercise during the previous sector workshops in MAL3, and working with a dynamic platform developed by SU for better understanding the scenarios based on cause-effect interlinkages between variables by stakeholders. In the second part of the workshop, participants jointly collaborated in three small groups to envisioning future narratives for sustainable rural and coastal development in MAL3. Each group then reported back the created storylines about future of the coastal area in MAL3 as the conclusion of its group work.

The COASTAL Knowledge Exchange Platform was also introduced where sectors would be able to look into the outcomes of the project and exchange their ideas in this regard. Participants were satisfied by the discussions, looking forward to seeing how these results will be implemented in a system dynamics modeling for MAL3.

Author: Samaneh Seifollahi