Co-creating evidence-based business roadmaps and policy solutions for enhancing coastal-rural collaboration and synergies

Sectoral Analysis Of Coastal And Rural Development In The Danube Delta – Black Sea Coastal Zone

Local actors and experts from the Danube Delta and Black Sea coastal zone participated in collaborative exercises to analyse problems, the underlying causes, propose and discuss solutions, and validate and interpret the impacts of simulated business and policy decisions.

Three interactive workshops were organized in autumn 2018, focusing on Blue Growth (industry, transport and administration), Tourism and Fisheries & Aquaculture, attended by local stakeholders from the Constanta and Tulcea counties. Qualitative and quantitative techniques were combined in this co-creation process supported by graphical tools to gain in-depth understanding of the systemic transitions underlying the land-sea interactions in each specific domain. Generally, the main findings of the workshops were related to policies and underdevelopment. It was evidenced the excessive bureaucracy and authorities directly linked to lack of communication and the limitations of the local authorities and communities. Despite of many strategies, the area needs improvement and sustainable development involving infrastructure, social protection, health and education.

Further, on 5 September 2019, the National Institute for Marine Research and Development “Grigore Antipa“ Constanta (NIMRD) hosted a MAL meeting for the Danube’s Mouths - Black Sea Case Study, with the participation of partners from the Research Institute for Agriculture Economy and Rural Development (ICEADR), Local Activity Group Danube Delta (GAL DD) and Local Activity Group Central Dobrogea (GAL DC). The meeting was attended by local actors, representing municipalities, research institutions/academia, authorities, entrepreneurs and civil society, who all contributed to develop future narratives about the development of the region. There were two working groups and the main development directions identified in the area were eco-tourism, aquaculture (for the coastal and delta communities) and integrated agriculture (for inland rural areas).

Book of Abstracts 1st International Symposium on Climate Change and Sustainable Agriculture, Agricultural University Plovdiv, 14-15 November, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Academic Publishing House of the Agriculture University Plovdiv, pp. 76-77, ISBN 978-954-517-286-1