Co-creating evidence-based business roadmaps and policy solutions for enhancing coastal-rural collaboration and synergies

Business roadmap and policy recommendations for land-sea synergies

ICRE8 is working closely with COASTAL Multi-Actor Labs (MALs) to develop business roadmaps and policy recommendations for land-sea synergies.

As a starting point, the Land-Sea system dynamic models developed at the case study level, as part as WP4, which allowed the identification of key interactions and stakeholders, clarifying the way the problem(s) are connected to a specific policy or management indicators and potential solutions. Policy and business solutions are identified through multiple interactions with local stakeholders as well as a review of innovative practices and solutions around Europe.

Through interactive exercises during a multi-actors workshop, COASTAL scientists and local stakeholders are prioritizing Business and Policy solutions for land-sea synergies.

The solutions are translated into business roadmaps and policy recommendations highlighting the followings:

  1. the expected impacts of the solution(s) to coastal-rural areas as well as the synergies dimensions;
  2. the proposed valued of the solution(s);
  3. the key sectors and actors;
  4. key steps for solution implementation in a sequential or parallel time series (which steps are needed to implement the solution(s)? By who?  When in time?), including financial and policy dimensions.
  5. What are the key resources needed to implement the proposed solution(s) and
  6. who will benefit from the implementation of the solution(s)?