Co-creating evidence-based business roadmaps and policy solutions for enhancing coastal-rural collaboration and synergies

Second round of Cross-Scale Multi-Actor Workshop in the Norrsröm/Baltic Sea case (MAL3) Date: 20th of November 2020

Stockholm University (SU), the lead partner for MAL3, organized the second round of multi-actor workshops where project MAL3 local partners and stakeholders from land, coast and sea sectors discussed the draft system dynamics model and business opportunities and policy solutions to tackle MAL3 focused problems in modelling.

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the workshop was held online via Zoom platform with 15 participants including the SU team. The workshop was started with an update on project progress and followed by three main sessions:

(i) Model validation and confidence building, where participants actively provided their feedback and scenario suggestions for further testing the model;

(ii) Business and policy solutions, with the active contribution of participants on identifying potential eco-technological, coordination and data support, and policy solution alternatives regarding current water-related problems in MAL3; and

(iii) Business roadmaps and policy recommendations, where the developed approach in WP3 was presented and discussed with participants, but because of the time limit, they were asked to contribute to roadmap development after the workshop by working on a shared document. 

In the end, stakeholders were also informed about the international multi-actor workshop in Spring 2021 as part of WP1 in COASTAL. All participants were happy with presented materials and provided information and expressed their overall satisfaction with the workshop’s activities. They were enthusiastic to further support the achievement of project objectives and started to contribute to the roadmap development process right after the workshop.