Co-creating evidence-based business roadmaps and policy solutions for enhancing coastal-rural collaboration and synergies


The COASTAL Knowledge Exchange Platform, connecting the Multi-Actor Labs, is the main project legacy. This platform for land-sea synergy gives coastal and rural operators and planning agencies access to knowledge, solutions, and experiences of other regions and operators facing similar problems.

The following products and services are foreseen:

  • fully documented, synergistic SD models, including tutorial applications and base data;
  • a toolset of SD model constructs, consisting of generic feedback structures, response functions, and modelling guidelines
  • a methodological framework for coastal-rural synergy, including guidelines for the organization of MALs
  • synergistic business road maps and policy guidelines for land-sea collaboration, which are scientifically underpinned and clarified;
  • a platform for offline and online exchanges of expertise and experiences between coastal and rural stakeholders and researchers facing similar challenges
  • direct access to new harmonised performance indicators for coastal and rural development, and coastal-rural synergy;
  • direct online access to the tutorial tools and example applications for demonstrating the principles and potential of the COASTAL methodology;
  • technical support services to facilitate the use and adaptation of existing tools, and design and implementation of new applications to support land-sea collaboration;
  • online and offline support services for dissemination activities

More information on the Knowledge Exchange Platform will be published as findings from the project emerge.